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I am very fit, work out regularly, and still desire love, affection, and great sex despite my age!! Ladies, please don’t always assume that most guys over 50 have inadequacies regarding their ability to perform. Not always the case and certainly not with me. I understand that most women my age don’t have the same physical condition I have and I mentally adjust for that.

Older Men Dating Younger Women: What Online Dating Data Tells Us

I am funny, attractive, and intelligent. You would think this would be enough for any man….but so far no takers. I’d like to get a new relationship, but all of the posts above talk about men who have a good job and are healthy. I can’t keep a job now because if I’m put under stress for any length of time I’m bedridden for weeks until I recover.

Without sex, in most cases, the closeness will fade and one or both will feel neglected. Sex plays an important part in the overall intimacy of a couple. I’m not ashamed to say I miss the intimacy of a committed relationship, sex and all. If you care about someone you’ll want to make them happy, and that only works if both people are invested and make an effort to do for someone other than themselves.

New research has revealed the acceptable age for who you can date

Once you’ve been taken advantage of one too many times, it is hard to trust again. But do you really want to live the rest of your life feeling that way? Maybe you can be open to love again just take financial/legal precautions when the time is right?

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I must have had dates/conversations with a hundred women, 95% of them have astonished me with their lack of manners, courtesy, self-awareness. I’ve had not one but many occasions where a phone call is agreed for a specific time and…nothing. They don’t even have the courtesy to let you know they can’t make it. It always turns out to be some trivial reason like dinner took longer than they expected. This isn’t one or two, IT’S THE MAJORITY with this bad behaviour in some form or other.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and accepting that part of the result of being unfaithful, even if it was 23 years ago, is that you will be alone. I’m not going to sit around and be sad but at the same time I’m not going to go out and find the next woman to “fix” me. I want to be happy with who I am and that is going to take some time. All I’ve actually wanted all my life is a decent, kind, honest, loving partner. I’ve always worked hard, been kind and loving and it’s been taken advantage of by women who have behaved appalling at the end of relationships – odd how many men can relate that tale. I’m so sorry you and a lot of men on here feel that women are nasty.

Women in this age bracket have it great. They have no business complaining. If they are single it is their own fault. There are many more men in their 50’s than women, as women are more likely to smoke and engage in unhealthy lifestyles.

Dating in your 50’s – Easy for Men… Not so much for Women!

Over the years, I have approach tons of women in the hopes of getting a date. Women just refuse to say yes, to a date. It has always bewildered me to why women only know the one word and that is the word, NO. https://hookupranker.com/nextlove-review/ Married women cannot understand why I am single and the single women avoid me like the plague. How many women do you have to approach, before one will say yes to a date? I have lost count after 2 decades.

You will know deep down if it is right or not. If you eliminate all people who are either overweight and/or have some other sort of chronic health condition, you are eliminating 60 or 70% of possible partners. If you are talking about men over 50 years old, it’s approaching 75%.If you add in that the man has to be well off, you’ve just made the pool even smaller. At this point, you haven’t looked at everything else that might come into play, whether or not you can have interesting conversations, for example. That means be kind to yourself and try to do some activities that have meaning for you and make you happy.

Therefore, I understand why he would be gun shy to getting married again, and if so, wanting a prenup . I am not in a hurry to get remarried, however, I am not interested in being just a bed buddy for an infinite time. I want to find my soulmate again, I thought I had it.