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Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Dogs

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No one wants to risk getting their heart broken so they maintain an artificial distance – love doesn’t come without risk. A lot of us in this thread want to find love and be happy but perhaps we are just trying to make romance happen with people too avoidant or distant to give love an authentic try. It seems to be about who can hold out the longest and that’s not love to me, that’s control. Your relationship would work if you liked her cat, but if you loved her cat and all cats, that would be awesome. Slagen believes that social media has added pressure to expectant parents to pick the “perfect” name, she said. It’s truly refreshing to see that even the most famous of celebrities know dogs make the best friends.


After a month or two of continuing to exemplify these traits, maybe list them if you really feel sure. But in the very early stages, keep reminding yourself that you do not know this person that you’re putting on a pedestal for no reason. Cat people have a lot of love and affection to give, and they care about animals. When they hear of a cat that needs a forever home, they’ll want to do whatever they can to help within reason.

Why So Many Millennials Are Obsessed With Dogs

I’m a dog person and I’m totally obsessed with my dog. But I’d never let it affect my relationship in any way. Definitely no dog in the bed when I’m with someone and I’d never cut a date short or w/e to be with my dog. But if I’m dating someone it’s important that they like dogs and are comfortable around them coz no way would I ever get rid of my dog for someone.. Umm there’s definitely people that are just as obsessed with their cats as there are people obsessed with their dogs..


Don’t be surprised when your puppy-loving significant other seems to instinctively know when you’re upset, frustrated, or feeling romantic. They’ve been communicating with someone who doesn’t talk. Naturally, you’ll go on these adventurous walks with them, during which they will take a photo of you and their pup and plaster it on every social media platform. Most dog parents get tired of walking around the same block, so they find new and exciting places to exercise their pup.

Verizon Media, HuffPost’s parent company, also owns Tumblr. Lexington experienced something similar while travelling home from North Carolina with a six-week-old Jack Russell terrier bitch. The sight of the small white dog reduced most other travellers to a gurgling mess. Oohs and aahs tracked your columnist’s progress across the airport concourse in Charlotte.

However don’t force your partner to choose between you and the dog since for all you know, he/she may just as well settle for the pet. Instead try to work on the core cause of the situation – the dog and your partner’s concern for its welfare. Persuade your partner to take the help of a dog trainer so that the pet can be trained to understand who the boss in the house is. This will not only make the dog better behaved and fun to have around but at the same time allow your partner enough leeway to show it off to friends and family.

We start doing anything to keep that person but actually, it’s signs of being obsessed with someone. Watch other people for how to know if you’re obsessed with someone. Essentially, stable couples successfully move on from the infatuation phase because they build their relationship on a solid foundation. Common values are important as is the overall purpose to avoid the signs of obsessive thinking about someone. What causes an obsession with a person is linked to some form of trauma or mental imbalance. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the signs someone is obsessed with you involve erratic behavior.

He/she may be sleeping on the couch so that the dog can have the bed or worse asking you to rough it out too at his/her place so that the dog’s routine is not disturbed. This can go to the extent of turning down party invitations or avoiding vacation destinations where dogs Click here are not allowed. By supporting her love for cats, you’ll strengthen the bond you share, and you’ll find that you’re less stressful and more relaxed when you have a cat in your life. There’s nothing more comforting than hearing the purr of a happy cat and a happy girlfriend.

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Well, it’s not like they can hold that against you (or at least, they shouldn’t!). That said, here are a few ways to deal with pet allergiesso you can keep your date and their dog happy. Wondering why your date from Friday night is ghosting on you? If you weren’t on board with his furry roommate, that could be the reason. A whopping 66 percent of single pet owners said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets, according to a recent survey by Match.com and PetSmart.